About Me

My name is Kyle Slinn. I am a registered nurse who wants to change the future of health education. I specialize in medical distance education, medical simulation training, educational technologies, and open educational resources.


since 2013

Nursing Fellow
Khan Academy

I am the project lead for nursing content and a core member of the medical faculty at Khan Academy.


Registered Nurse
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

I work in the intensive care unit where I work closely with other health care professionals to treat and care for patients with complex or life-threatening illnesses.


Head Lifeguard / Head Instructor
City of Ottawa

I taught swimming and lifesaving skills at a local recreation complex.



Masters of Education with Specialization in Distance Education
Athabasca University

In this degree I’ve focused on openness in education, medical simulations in distance education, and the use of technology in education.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)
University of Ottawa

I focused my clinical experiences in pediatrics and critical care.


My Work


Medical Simulation Training in Distance Education

I completed a literature review on medical simulation training which focused on three areas: its effectiveness as a teaching tool, cost effectiveness, and application in distance education. I then conducted a pilot study to determine if a health care professional’s previous clinical experience plays a role in how effective simulation training is at teaching the health care professional. For example, do physicians with 5 years of experience and new residents have a similar learning experience from simulation training? I also compared these results with varying levels of simulation fidelity (text only, audio only, and video).

Freestyle Fountain Nozzle

This was a personal project where I assisted in designing a robotic wrist with a water nozzle attached. Our goal was to design a cheaper, scaled down version of the Oarsman unit created by WET Design, made famous by their installation in the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas.


Effectiveness, economics, and the application of medical simulation training

The role clinical experience plays with learning effectiveness in simulation

Google Loon: Closing the digital divide

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