I am a content curator and creator| content strategist|project manager|n instructional designer| technical writer| copy editor|n idealist

who is passionate about creating extraordinary learning experiences in healthcare, science, and music. I’m looking for opportunities to create educational content accessible to the world for free.


since 2016

Project Manager / Instructional Designer

I wear many hats here!

  • Instructional designer
  • Project Manager
  • External communication manager / marketing
  • Community management
  • User interface / user experience designer

Some of the work I do includes:

  • make decisions regarding our video content strategy.
  • occasionally write scripts and provide voiceovers.
  • work with our partners on distributing the our content on various platforms (YouTube, Wikipedia, etc).
  • collect viewership data to figure out what it means.
  • work with partners and volunteers to internationalize our content.
  • conceive and prototype new types of content.
  • drive awareness of content through disease specific organizations, online communities, social media.

The Osmosis YouTube channel started in December 2015, and now has:

  • 1.1 million+ subscribers
  • 48+ million viewers


Project Coordinator – Health and Medicine
Khan Academy

  • Oversaw and completed multiple year-long projects on time and under budget related to MCAT and NCLEX-RN test-preparation.
  • Managed 75 globally remote contractors.
  • Created and curated articles, videos, and questions on health and medical topics.
  • Optimized content for search engines (SEO), internationalization, and accessibility.
  • Collected and interpreted data from Qualaroo, Google Analytics, and YouTube. I used this knowledge to make changes to our educational resources.
  • Administered two 1 week content creation training camps.
  • Recruited content creators through job postings and several talent searching competitions.


Registered Nurse
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

  • Worked in the pediatric intensive care unit with an interdisciplinary team of health professionals to care for and treat patients with complex or life-threatening illnesses.


Khan Academy Health and Medicine has:

980,000+ subscribers, gaining 10,000+ per month

155 million+ total views

views from 237 geographic territories

51,000+ questions completed per day

72,000+ views per day


Project Manager (MCAT)

  • 1060+ videos
  • 2800+ MCAT style questions created
  • 75+ articles created (to be released Fall 2015)
  • Topics covered: biology, biochemistry, human physiology, physics, chemistry, psychology, sociology
  • In partnership with American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Project Manager (NCLEX-RN)

  • 500+ videos
  • 600+ NCLEX-RN style questions created
  • 20+ articles created (so far)
  • Topics covered: human physiology and pathophysiology
  • In partnership with American Association of Colleges of Nursing and Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare



Masters of Education with Specialization in Distance Education
Athabasca University

  • Focused on topics such as openness in education, medical simulations in distance education, and the use of technology in education.
  • Took a 2 year leave of absence to pursue professional opportunities. Completed the degree in July, 2016.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)
University of Ottawa

  • Focused my clinical experiences in pediatrics and critical care.


Significant experience with:

Adobe Premiere
Adobe Captivate
Trello / Asana
Google Drive / Google Apps
Microsoft Office

Some experience with:

Adobe Auditions

My Work

Articles (I was the primary writer for these samples)

Videos (work created by our content creators in test prep projects)

Questions (work created by our content creators in test prep projects)

Software development

Personal projects I’m working on:

  • a new website to help Canadians source highly-reviewed products from in-depth content-rich review websites such as TheWirecutter.
  • building my own lithium ion battery pack out of 18650 cells recycled from old laptop batteries.
  • making a large paper T-Rex bought from PaperTrophies.

I have:

  • good sense of what learners want to know next, or areas where learners may struggle when learning something new.
  • cross-disciplinary expertise and can work on a wide array of content topics.
  • a good eye for photography.

I can:

  • communicate ideas with passion, excitement, and humor.
  • quickly captivate and hold the attention of my audience, while inspiring curiosity.
  • break big concepts down into small, manageable, progressive steps.
  • comfortably work beside some of the world’s most influential people.
  • listen, empathize with, and support my coworkers and friends, particularly in times of need.

I believe:

  • feedback is a gift. I welcome it continuously and constructively give it when desired.
  • in growth mindset, where anyone can learn anything given enough time, patience, and support.
  • all knowledge should be free and accessible, world-wide.
  • in being overly prepared for everything.

I like:

  • participating in company projects/events outside my daily work (such as LearnStorm, or user-testing)
  • to work in a creative, team-based, can-do environment.
  • being inclusive.
  • creating a positive and fun culture (as exemplified by Tea-Rex and the rice incident, among many, many others).


These testimonials are only a handful of the hundreds of comments Khan Academy Health and Medicine regularly receives from learners. Read through a few if you have a moment. Hover to pause.

This was brilliant! It was very informative and extremely helpful. My father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and this video has given me a deeper understanding of what this cancer is. Thank you.
Sarah Campbell
Two years into my retirement after 40 years as a medical laboratory scientist, and finally I find someone who can explain metabolism in a way that will help others understand how chemistry testing for glucose and for acetone are linked to the nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated stability of DNA in the organized genomes of species from microbes to man.
James Kohl
I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy last year, i was screened for it about 6-8 years before but came out "clear" witht the exception of a very mild murmur. After suffering some minor symptoms earlier last year i went to the doctors, and after months of elaborate tests and visits to the GP i was given the diagnoses. Not one person has been able to explain what hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is as well as this, i had a vague idea before - but this is clear and eloquent. I understand the mechanics of whats going on inside me now. Thank you Khan Academy i really do appreciate the time and effort that goes into these videos.
Mr. Josh
I cannot believe that I have been struggling with understanding of membrane potential, chemical potential and concentration gradient and all these other terms for almost 3 years and now I watch one marvellous video and here it comes to me, just like that... thank you so so much for claryfing, suddenly it makes sense 🙂
Thank You so much for the thorough explanation. I was diagnosed in 1998 with AV Nodal Reentry Tachy, had an ablation shortly thereafter to treat the condition. However, after the procedure my doc informed me that the affected area was too close to the a/v node, and he was not able to completely get all of it. So fast forward to today, I average 4 to 6 skipped beats per minute, with the occasional runs of tachy occurring. I am back on the heart meds, taking Metoprolol extended release 100mg 1x per day. I just somehow feel like this will be the bugger that gets me in the end. At least I now know what is happening inside my chest, Thank You 🙂
James Perry
Hi, I'm a nursing student from Manitoba, Canada and I use these videos to learn and help better understand the content we go over in class/clinical. The ability to pause the videos so that I can have time to process the information is very beneficial. I send all the videos to a number of my classmates and they also find them very beneficial! Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work!” - tara.66 “I'm a dental student from India preparing for post-grad exams and I have been using these videos to get a clear and better understanding of physiology, biochemistry and medicine. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work. =)
I'm a dental student from India preparing for post-grad exams and I have been using these videos to get a clear and better understanding of physiology, biochemistry and medicine. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work. =)
Aditi B.
I have only just found you on YouTube and headed toward your website. Fantastic stuff! I am a medical educator and will be passing your videos onto my students. 
Alicia Scott
I am a registered veterinary technician studying for my specialty exam in emergency & critical care. I am a visual learner so your videos are immensely beneficial! Thank you & keep up the great work!
Lona Burbage
they should give this guy a noble prize or somethin
Da Man
Thank you for uploading this! It really helped me understand the illness. I am getting screened in a week and being 15 years old im pretty freaked out
Crafty Chick
Khan Academy -- You should be proud of your offering here on YouTube. I wonder... just HOW MANY IMAGINATIONS this video inspired ----- to become our bright, young DOCTORS of TOMORROW? ... Heaven knows we need them. EXCELLENT VIDEO!
Denia Taiclet
I've been so lost with this fetal circulation before and after birth! Thank God, I stumbled onto this video, and the light bulb in my little brain is ON baby!!! thanks Khan!!!
Maggie Fuentes
Pharmacy student from hong kong. Just cant describe how much Khan academy has helped me through my studies, especially in physiology. These videos have almost replaced my lecturers, haha. Thank you so so much! hope to see more videos on pharmacology on the channel later on. :)
Serena Wong
I'm a student in South Korea. I'm majoring in biotechnology. this year I took a hUman physiology class as a minor class. but It wan't easy as much i Thought. but with this channel I've been getting through all the chapters and I got more insight about the body function and drug invention. It helps about to get done with it in a very much shorten time.
Sunghwan Moon
Question: How does one of the world’s premier experts in chronic lymphocytic leukemia mistake me for a medical doctor (I have zero medical training btw and not much of science background either). Answer: Watch five hours of Khan videos on human immunology, properly diagnose autumn hemolytic anemia on your next visit, and inquire if monoclonal antibodies are a viable treatment option for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. A priceless moment. The Khan series on immunology and the circulatory system has helped my dad and our family better understand what is happening with his illness and prepare for what to expect. More importantly, these lessons have elevated the level of dialogue with the doctors and healthcare professionals involved. Truly invaluable.
The Bettersworth Family
I am a nurse practitioner student at University of Texas at Arlington. I use your videos to help simplify the complex language of the textbook we are using. Thanks for what you do.
Eileen Donnelly
Thank you so much for your excellent and informative explanation of a very complicated event. I needed to understand this better as my husband recently died suddenly of an MI.
Southern Serenity
I am an Associate Social Worker who has utilized the developmental theories videos to apply to treatment interventions. They are easy to understand and very useful in the formulation of treatment and interventions.
Maria Cutler
I teach psychology and love this video. Will be using it in class!
Samantha Shine
I watched this because I want to see what Skydoesminecraft [a popular YouTube personality] was going through. sigh poor sky
I would give you Nobel Teaching prize
Lai Wei
WOW, who are you. That has got to be by far the most bestest and fantasticous explanational video I have come across since I started studying. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your format. Thank you for taking the time to draw all those cells and all those lines. If Youtube gave Grammy's, YOU would win. 🙂
My granddaughter was born with congenital idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. She is now 4 years old. I watched the video to understand her condition so that I could communicate better with her cardiologist and understand her treatment plan.
Holly Jesse

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If you were awarded martial arts belts for operational skills, Kyle would be at least a 5th degree black belt. He has an unparalleled ability to execute on plans by correctly predicting time frames, recruiting & managing dozens of people, and training those working for him so they can ultimately get the job done. He often gleefully says, “I build processes that ultimately will replace me.” Kyle’s example has improved the organization as a whole, not only because of the excellent work he and his team produce (such as the Osmosis High Yield Notes & books) but also the organizational memory it imprints upon us. Three additional qualities of Kyle that I greatly appreciate are (a) his willingness to disagree, which has led to creative brainstorms and made us a stronger organization as a result; (b) his advocacy for his teammates and for our learners; and (c) his interest in legal & technical aspects that have helped us do everything from license content to enforce copyrights. Kyle is an incredible teammate whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with for three years and look forward to working with for many more.
Shiv Gaglani
CEO / Osmosis
Kyle is phenomenal - he sees problems a mile away, thinks critically about how content can/should be done to optimize learning, and cares deeply about innovation. I've worked with him over the past 7 years and have come to really appreciate the value that he brings to the organization. He is always reviewing legal issues and thinking about risk mitigation, handles security issues, and has spearheaded policies on inclusivity at the workplace. Those are all things that he does on the side while taking care of his main projects which involve creating processes around content scaling and identifying new niches for the company. On a personal note - Kyle is kind, generous, and always striving to improve - all qualities that I deeply admire!
Dr. Rishi Desai
Chief Medical Officer / Osmosis
My highest praise for Kyle is that he's the person that I immediately turn to when we need to implement a new process, address an area or risk, or scale a part of our organization. His background in both healthcare and education, attention to detail, and capacity for growth have had a major impact on Osmosis' growth trajectory. Kyle would be a major asset to any organization and I feel very fortunate to get to work with him every day.
Owen Willis
Chief Operating Officer / Osmosis
Kyle brings energy and enthusiasm to everything he does, whether he's working with experts to create great health and medicine resources or sharing his passion for science with young children. Kyle's love of learning, joyful presence, and ability to quickly build rapport with others will continue to serve him well throughout his career.
Elizabeth Slavitt
Lead of Content Scaling / Khan Academy
My favorite thing about Kyle is his enthusiasm–he makes me want to find more joy in *my* work, because he is clearly having such a blast doing his. He also goes the extra distance to make sure his work meets his own high standards–in one case, literally sprinting around the building because a content piece on respiration needed a video to illustrate exhausted breathing. I'm not quite sure how he manages to be energetic *and* hardworking, but I'm glad he's trapped in this virtuous cycle of executing awesome projects with dedication & glee.
Laura Savino
Mobile Software Engineer / Khan Academy
Kyle is one of the most enthusiastic, optimistic, and motivated people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. His passion for health and medicine, outstanding organizational skills, and exceptional ability to get things done (on time and under budget!) have been a continual example to me. I know that whatever he does next, he will do it with enthusiasm, efficiency, and a great attitude…and from time to time, probably also a shark hat.
Emily Abrash
Biology Content Fellow / Khan Academy
Kyle has a great sense for what makes educational and engaging scientific content for a range of audiences, and has figured out how to scale the creation of high quality content with a consistent voice and style.
Pamela Fox
Computer Science Content Creator and Engineer / Khan Academy
Kyle is a milkshake of enthusiasm, constructive ideas and fearless creation.
Brit Cruise
Faculty / Khan Academy
Working with Kyle is a riot — in the best possible way. He's passionate about making typically abstruse information accessible and he does so with great irreverence, humor, and clarity without ever being patronizing. He takes feedback extremely well and makes every project a lot of fun.
Tabitha Yong
Designer / Khan Academy
Working with Kyle has been an awesome experience. He is someone who shows a lot of passion for his work and when he gets an eye on project, he commits himself 100% to get it done. Kyle is determined, smart, dynamic, and a great person to be around.
Karina Young
Office Manager / Khan Academy